Welcome to Pixelarbeiter – your advertising agency for Birkenfeld

digital and classic

We design und create websites, online stores, flyers and brochures for companies, craftsmen, schools and clubs… contemporary communication  – classic and digital – with proper designs, colours, images and multimedia content. Our customized solutions for your success are as individual as your needs. We focus on the creative aesthetics, ideal usability (accessibility) and long-term stability of your website.

strategic and clear

CSS, HTML, UX , PX? Is that all Greek to you? Don’t worry – we don’t use geek-speak and, instead, explain technical concepts in plain language. After the first consultation, you will know where we are heading: based on current trends, markets and user need, we develop the best strategyfor you. We keep you up to date in every step of the project.

local and global

Our office is located on the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld (local) – the perfect workspace for creative ideas and sustainable technologies (global). Next door to the scientific institutes of the campus, we pursue the digital innovations in the Internet – always up to date and yet down to earth. We use the full scope of technical possibilities – for powerful communication, both internally and externally.

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